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Nicholas Welsch Preciado


Nicholas Welsch Preciado grew up in Bothell, Washington where he developed passions for art, drawing, sketching, writing, table top games, and video games. He was also into music, playing the double bass and sports, participaing in tennis, soccer, karate, and swimming. Additionally, Nicholas Preciado has been a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America for many years, most recently achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. As an Eagle Scout, Nicholas had the opportunity to learn about teamwork, leadership, and other vital life skills while gaining valuable experiences that have helped him grow as a person, both in his personal life and professional career. 

Education and Career

Following his passions for gaming, art, and design, Nicholas Welsch Preciado is pursuing a career in digital gaming and media design. He currently attends the Lake Washington Institute of Technology where he is enrolled in the Multi-Media Design Program (MMDP). In this program, Nicholas Preciado has gained great knowledge and experience in numerous topics including:

  • Digital Design
  • Art
  • Programming
  • Animation
  • Video Game Creation

Nicholas Welsch Preciado plans to earn his two year degree in Digital Gaming and Media Design. From there, he hopes to use his knowledge and experience gained in the MMDP to find a job in the industry while continuing his education to a Bachelor's degree in Applied Technical Science.

Nicholas Welsch Preciado Art

As a self-taught artist, Nicholas Welsch Preciado has a great imagination and is full of new ideas and creativity. He is now interested in learning about the more technical side of art, learning to program and use various software necessary for game creation. For Nicholas Welsch Preciado, combining his passions for gaming and design would be a dream come true.

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